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 Eating for Energy

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Are you tired of beating yourself up for getting all fired to exercise…and then starting…and then stopping?

Or have you been hitting the gym or dance class and not seen the scale budge for all your good work?

Seriously though—if you want to get into a consistent FLOW with exercise…and if you want to get flat belly RESULTS you love too…

It all comes down to Eating for Energy.

Here's a Big Challenge that I've noticed A LOT when it comes to workouts & fitness:

Hello my name is Theresa Marie Wu, and I'm a certified advanced sports nutrition advisor, certified personal trainer & semi-professional dancer...

One huge challenge I see with friends and clients…is that people get all fired up to workout and exercise…and then they just feel drained by doing it (cue sad face and time spent laying on the sofa beating yourself up unfairly for a lack of "motivation")...

And friends and clients have found that it’s hard to get into a consistent FLOW with working it! Either they’re over-exercising…or most often, they just don’t have the solid NUTRITION you need in place to have the ENERGY you need to exercise.

And what you eat CAN allow you to get into that treasured Workout FLOW state…as consistency is what gets you HOT results! And just the same, your food choices (and/or your digestion too) can really smother your energy, too.

Believe me, I've been there…after a period of stress in my life, my revolving relationship with iron-deficiency anemia revolved again and took me energetically DOWN....while my stomach just kept bloating UP...I spent a lot of time getting to the heart of the matter (with eating for energy & good digestion)…And what I found not only gave me back the energy I desperately craved…

This way of Eating for Energy also zapped my belly bloat and belly fat, too! 

I’m excited to share how to break it down & how you can get started eating for energy in a way that works with your body (and is super yummy, too). Sometimes taking it up a level with your nutrition can be like drinking from a firehose of information! I'm excited to welcome you to this step-by-step & very do-able Action Guide, instead...

My Results:

Looking good in the top & side photos (in NYC) on this page, right? Well, that was the result of consistently lifting weights and eating pretty well—and before I hit a period of chronic stress…

which came from my mother passing away from early-onset dementia 🙁

During this period of chronic stress—even exercising couldn’t stop me from gaining weight…and unfortunately slipping in my good eating habits on top of it all—I ended up with *terrible digestion* as a result.

Plus, my iron-deficiency anemia which I'd been keeping at bay with occasional bouts of iron supplements, seemed to come rushing in full force, making me feel very tired...and I knew all combined, that some new strategies were direly needed!


Ok, so I apologize for not the most “consistent outfit” before and after shots…but I think it’s clear to see that the way of eating I’m going to share with you & give you some very, very user-friendly tools to make this accessible & dare I say, fun, too…gave me great results.

And to share this from the get-go: this style of eating is an extremely research-backed method, detailed by husband & wife cancer researchers,  Drs. Paul & Shou-Ching Jaminet, called: The Perfect Health Diet.

And to say it changed my life is not an understatement.

I had gotten to the point where EVERY time I ate a meal, my stomach would blow up like a balloon! My digestion was not doing very well, and I tried several different solutions while working with a nutritionist. I got frustrated with him, and the lack of results—and tried doing a Keto/Very-Low Carb diet…and then I also did the AIP/Low-FODMAP diet very strictly & successfully for 30 days…but neither of these eating plans made much of a sustained dent in my bloating & digestion problems.

Like a balloon—with every meal—I tell ya.

I got another round of bloodwork tests back—and I noticed that I had very, very low HDL. Not good! I started researching online how to raise HDL through diet—and that’s when I found an interview between Dr. Mercola (who does promote keto/very-low carb) & Dr. Paul Jamient, who did an impressive job in the interview of detailing why you need starchy carbs to have gut integrity and health—and as a way to naturally increase protective HDL cholesterol.

Well, he convinced me too--that and my ballooning stomach, extra body fat that would not go away, and those bleak bloodwork results.

With this PHD/Eating for Energy strategy, I found some research-backed info that really filled in some missing pieces as a sports nutrition advisor & lover of feeling GOOD (and having a flat belly & a slim, trim shape).

I found that I was able to construct weekly meal plans that were both very satisfying & yummy…although I had to open my mind back up to the power of some starchy carbs…and that helped me burn fat and get back into a FLOW with working out, too!

This whole time I have to mention too, that I’ve been wanting to get and stay pregnant. Yep, I’m a late bloomer with wanting to start a family. So besides being a dancer and fitness coach—and being pretty body-centric—and wanting to do whatever it took to protect myself from early-onset dementia (and keep researching for my family to do the same, too)…being over it with having the blues…and wanting to get pregnant…let’s just say that I was highly, highly motivated to understand all the ins and outs of these recommendations.

The book The Perfect Health Diet—besides having an incredible volume of Weightloss and other great health effect Reader Results—one main complaint about the book is that it's a little technical and you have to really dig into it (and dig around on their website too) to understand how to apply it.

AND that how to tailor your Macros to fit your personal goals is not covered in their book—however it’s just so, so key to getting the *benefits* of what you’re eating too.

So that’s why I say my results are from PHD+. 🙂

And here’s where I come in…


How I can help you:

So in Parts 1 & 2 of this Action Guide--I'm going to share how to put this way of eating into action with tailoring your Macronutrients to work for YOU & how to pleasurably sub out harmful plant TOXINS…

And in Part 3, I'll also share research-proven, simple steps you can take to optimize your micronutrients too—as this is key in feeling good...feeling energized...and getting results from your exercise, too.

Rock It with The Action Girl's Guide to Eating for Energy

  • Energy you need

    Have the energy you ned to get into a FLOW with working out!

  • Feel full & satisfied

    Feel full & satisfied between meals! How to make snacking optional, with these balanced Macros & Micros.

  • Be able to burn fat...

    When you give your body what it needs! Plus make it easier to build muscle, too.

  • No calorie counting

    Instead, you’ll learn a system for estimating your Macros & planning your food to get all of your Micros. So do-able & yumm.

  • Delicious!

    Plus, this isn’t about suffering or eating cardboard-tasting food…enjoy delicious food YOU like & eliminate hunger between meals :0

  • Tone up your GUT

    Simple “Test…Don’t Guess” strategies to optimize your Flat Belly digestion/Gut Love.

  • More Happiness

    Plus, how to eat for your Brain too, and enjoy more calm, creativity & happiness.

  • Eco-friendly, too

    And my tips to rock this way of eating in an Eco-Friendly way!

If you want to get into a consistent FLOW with exercise…and if you want to get flat belly RESULTS you love…it all comes down to Eating for Energy.

So the word that *too much sitting is the new smoking* definitely seems to have gotten around! The bad news is that research & data trends show that even though people are exercising MORE...obesity continues to be on the rise. Exercise alone can’t counteract weight gain and it’s concurrent detrimental health effects (heart disease, premature death, cancer…the list goes on)

If you want to get TRIM results: it truly is 80% what you eat and 20% how you move (and you need both)! So that’s why I’m so excited to address that 80% factor with this Eating for Energy Action Guide—so welcome & let's get started! Each module has been chunked into easy-to-absorb & take-action steps.

Get Started Today

Make a Weekly Meal Plan that you LOVE

Module 1: Results you can expect...and how to get the most from this course.

Module 2: Plus--are there really such things as "Toxins" and "Perfect Nutrients?"

Module 3: A surprising "essential fatty acid" tip often overlooked in making sure you're planning your Protein for energy & fat-burning, too.

Module 4: Learn how to get your comforting yumminess ON with Safe Carbs in a way that nourishes your gut & brain health, at the same time.

Module 5: A proven way to "cure" a sweet tooth & how to burn fat...with Good Fats.

Module 6: Macro REVIEW tips to make your MEALS simple and tasty + SNACKS.

Module 7: You are what you DIGEST!...How to optimize your Digestion...and Tone Up Your Gut with these simple strategies.

Module 8: Let's get MICRO--micronutrients that to nourish yourself with them in a very do-able way.

Time to Take Action, beauty!

  • Fun, Fast & Easy to Read

    Fun to read with inspiring stories/worksheets, research links to keep learning more while I give you the fast skinny & lots of lovely images too.

    Not boring…and dare I say pleasurable to read & take action on, as you go!

  • Digestable

    There are quizzes to help you digest & worksheets to explore…

    And we’ll Take Action with your fired-up inspiration in the beginning of the Action Guide, no need to wait until you’ve read/completed the whole thing…

    We’ll get started right away, quickly & easily with the most important meal of the day…

  • Savvy

    Plus, you get a simple meal planning tool, shopping list & a satisfying way to check things off as you go!

    I don’t know about you, but I personally love to stay organized & experience the satisfaction of checking things off a list! In my Action Guide, you’ll be able to check things off, as you go.

  • Rockstar

    And you can ask me any questions you may have. Simple email me your questions & I will send you a response within 24 hours.

    And you have to check out my favorite Movement Break, too!

This Interactive Guide + Community Support and Your Results? Priceless!

Action Guide

Action Girl’s Guide to Eating for Energy

8 modules with lovely photos & actionable info

Take Action quizzes, checklist…

Plus build your own Shopping List & weekly Meal Plan, as you go!

Balance your Macros & Micros for your gut & brain

Ask me any questions you may have...

Feel energized & get into a FLOW with exercise

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can use my Action Guide for 30 days, and if for any reason you don't feel like I've kept my promise to deliver an incredible training that gives you the understanding of how to feel energized, get into a FLOW with exercise & get RESULTS you can return it and receive your money back!

Nice little goal you've got there!

Having the energy that it takes to get into a FLOW with working out is a very valuable goal!

One of my personal favorite benefits of moving your booty in a relatively consistent Youthfulness! As exercising regularly helps you defy the aging process…by having the immunity, muscle mass & cholesterol levels of a young person....and it can literally "turn back the hands of the clock," too. And getting into a FLOW with movement has been shown to positively change your Gut Flora too!

Improved digestion & brain health/happiness & youthfulness?? I'll take it! Get inspired…
get do-able…and…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to count calories? +

No need to count calories. You do have to count Macros a bit though--but I show you how to do this in a really visual & do-able way. It's not complicated once you get the hang of it!

Are there Vegetarian/Vegan options? +

There are ideas for Vegetarians in this Action Guide, plus some great ways to think about getting in all of your Micronutrients you may be missing without strategic planning. Also, eco-friendly ideas, too!

This guide may be disappointing for Vegans though, as there aren't really true Vegan options presented...the info for Vegetarians may still prove really helpful, though!

How long does it take to Get Started? +

Once you understand the founding concepts of eating for your gut & brain...and getting in a perfect balance of nutrients...

You'll be able to take action right away in Module 3, by getting started with the most important meal of the day.

Very satisfying...get started quickly & easily...and start seeing energizing RESULTS 🙂

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