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The Booty Pump App


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Published in June, 2019 by Theresa Marie

Get a Smokin Hot Body with the 
Minimum Effective Dose

Sculpt full-body muscle & get a lifted, perky Booty

Press PLAY for a sneak peek of the Booty Pump APP

Dear Booty Shaker, 

Are you tired of starting..and then stopping..with your Workouts?

I discovered a really cool way to fall in LOVE with Lifting Weights…and get sculpted HOT results...

By focusing on doing LESS VOLUME in my workouts…and getting into a pleasurable FLOW with doing them.

This ^^^ is the little secret that has helped me fall in love with lifting weights—and to master not just the art of burning fat/losing weight in the first place…but with keeping it off, with workouts that add to my energy, instead of run it down.

One common mistake I see in the gym is that women try to go too hard, and they go for “pop” varieties of strength training moves that they see on Instagram…

But then I don’t see them back in the gym for several weeks... 

Why go Minimum...

Training Volume & fancy move varieties are highly over-rated. When you look at classic strength training protocols, 2 to 5 sets per muscle group per week is all you need to build muscle if you’re using the best tips to increase your pleasurable focus—your Intensity—and your ability to progress your workouts, too.

Most people need to learn how to work with better *intensity*…but not going super intense, like you’re training to be the next champion of The Titan Games.

Instead, you want to put more focus…more movement meditative zen-like energy…on feeling your body move & your breath move…while keeping it LOW with your number of sets…

For MAXIMUM effect!

And choosing fun, effective workout moves (and not going for tons of variety…but effectiveness & working them with confidence & bad *ss form)…

Which all combined, allows you to get into a consistent FLOW with your workouts—and gives you fantastic results!

Do less, get strong, build shapely muscle, burn fat—before you add volume. You want to go for CONSISTENCY & mastery of movement (and enjoying your workouts)…and my Booty Pump APP can help you do just that! 

Have fun with my full-body, booty-focused HOME or GYM Workouts…

That burn fat & build muscle by allowing you to get into a pleasurable FLOW with rocking them...And they give you perky, lifted BOOTY Results pretty quicklyso that you're inspired to keep going!!  

Plus, get my essential Brisk Walking strategy to burn fat in an easy & non-exhausting way...and how to Eat for Energy and get deliciously non-inflammatory--without having to count calories or eat bland food...and get fabulous energy & flat belly RESULTS.

Enjoy FLOW

Step 1

Don’t get into a rut at home or wander around the gym, wondering what to do…get a Workout PLAN & rock these fun, booty-focused, full-body, minimal-effective-dose workouts…and enjoy the results!


Step 2

Skip the flawed "no pain, no gain" meme & feeling drained or sore afterwards, too. Feel GOOD & energized in your body--both during & after your workouts with my full body, booty-focused style. 

Burn Fat

Step 3

Build shapely, TRIM muscle with short 25 minute strength training workouts...and then strategically ROCK the power of easy & non-exhausting daily Brisk Walks and yummy energizing burn fat & keep it off!

Have fun moving & using your Booty

Also--you'll get instant access to my Eating for Energy Action Guide & recipe my Minimal-Effective-Dose Quick Start Guide, to get started quickly!

And I’m sharing weekly inspiration, food & movement videos + food for thought in our private community forum, and answering any questions you may have…and encouraging other members to post and share what they’re finding is working for them with Eating for Energy and getting & staying in a FLOW with working out, too.

And you'll get access to my loved dance videos ("How to Shake your Booty in 30 Days" & "Intro to Samba!")

With the APP...I absolutely LOVE checking in & tracking my workouts & brisk walking on my new Booty Pump APP! It is seriously so fun & easy to can watch FORM videos from me or read directions, and track your weight and reps so that you can make PROGRESS & get RESULTS...

Plus, I have to tell you a secret about my new Workout App: it’s actually built on the Trainerize platform, which has been used by thousands of people, and they've really perfected it in terms of making it fun & easy to use. It’s satisfying to check off your workouts! And I’m so excited to share this pleasurable and effective style of working out with you.

Get perky booty & lifted spirit Results

"I love doing the werkouts...they feel really good on your body & I have felt really INSPIRED to do them...which is great...And the relatively quick lifted results...have been pretty inspiring, too 🙂

I have really nice low level of body fat, a pretty nice round booty…much more booty muscle than I've ever had in my whole life…much rounder, perkier, firmer…you can see my results from a relatively short amount of time, above…

I think the moves feel really good to do…you don't get very sore…you gain booty muscle...while trimming your thighs & hips…and when you combine it with a few of my Flat Belly Food Tips & my brisk walking werkouts…you can get a nice flat belly too!

I designed the workouts to feel really good on your body...and they work for new, beginning & intermediate fitness enthusiasts…And like me, I think you will LOVE the bubble booty results!

Will your butt look just like mine? Well no…it's going to be a rounder, firmer, more lifted, more bubbled version of your booty…

And I'm so honored to have been teaching dance & fitness to people all over the world the past 7 years…and I'm so excited to werk it with you! Let's rock it :)"

–Theresa Marie, certified personal trainer, certified advanced sports nutrition advisor, Samba dancer & Booty Pump coach

Get into a FLOW with minimum-effective-dose Booty Pump workouts

You may be hesitant to join my program because you think you’ll end up back in “start and stop” land. Well, I’ve got you covered with short, fun & effective workouts…fat-burning & movement meditation strategies...yummy anti-inflammatory food guide that can be adapted to almost any taste or cultural food love a gentle encouragement/reminder system built into our very user-friendly APP + community forum!


The Booty Pump App

Why is the price so low?

I'm so excited to share these Booty Pump monthly workouts, food, dance & community inspiration with you...the workouts have been so DO-ABLE, fun & effective for me.

Since this APP is new--I can't wait to get your feedback & support you in rocking these workouts...

And see your fat-burning & body/booty sculpting RESULTS. More Booty Pumped testimonials coming soon...want to be one of them? Let's werk it & have fun!

  Not sure yet? At least don't leave empty handed! Try out my FREE Planning Guide: How to Rock
Daily Brisk Walking +
Minimum-Effective-Dose Strength Training to Burn Fat!

Home Workout supplies needed include dumbbells and a set of resistance bands...or workout at a gym or your apartment fitness center.

Refunds: Since this is an instant download, refunds are not available. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

Disclaimer: Also the FCC requires that I tell you what you already know...the people who've gotten results with my program actually pushed play and had a go with everything! So you have to actually get started...and try out the order to get results. We have carefully tested and tried out these workouts...and people who’ve joined my program have been LOVING them (both the process & the results)! More hot before & after bootylicious testimonials coming soon...want to be one of them? Let's werk it & have fun!

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